Mindfulness 101

by Kay Rob

I need to be more mindful. Be present in the moment and draw inspiration from the things that I witness each day. Be present. Be present. Be present.
Let’s try working on it now:

I’m sitting in the dark room, on our soft bed, with my legs bent in front of me, the soles of my feet touching each other. The fan is on and I am cold, in my sleeveless dress. I like the cold. I am so often hot and sweating, that I welcome the sensation of being truly cold. I wish I could will this same chill on myself when I am too warm.
My nose is the coldest of all, but my hands are quite warm, so I like holding my nose a bit and feeling the warm and cold contrast in my hand.
The fan is drying out my eyes, thank god I don’t wear contacts. The glasses are an ever present fixture, but my cornea shape is way too off to wear contacts comfortably.
There is a rustling sound in the room, coming over the baby monitor. She was 2 this past January, but I still keep an audio monitor going, just in case there’s the occasional bad dream or leaky diaper.
My eyes feel heavy, and I know sleep must come soon. Tomorrow is a busy day, and rest is needed if I’m to be mindful in it.